• Paul Brasher

Give God His Due.

We’ve made church a place of convenience. if we feel like going to the House Of The Lord, we will go. If it doesn't fit into our schedule, we all too many times discount it's importance.

A Sin Of Omission.

Most are more concerned with what they "get" when they go to church rather than what they are to give to God as His church.

I wish people would ask themselves the question, "what did I give to Jesus today?"

Jesus gave His all for us and still does!

Many people are so busy giving to themselves or to their personal agendas that they won't give God few hours a week with their church family (that they are called to be a part of).

Don't plan our Lord out of your life this summer. Give to God - don't be selfish, be selfless like our Lord! Have Godly priorities!

#givegodhisdue #whatwillyougive

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