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During the past year God has been at work in His church at New Hope. Our mission to WORSHIP Christ, SERVE Others, SHARE the Gospel, and DISCIPLE Believers in this and in future generations is the big picture mission of NHBC. We have experienced a fresh touch of the Lord during this transitional process and sense He has given a clear path forward.


That is why the Hope for the Generations Campaign is being launched this month at New Hope. We are positioning to eliminate debt which will release thousands of dollars to invest in ministries enabling us to fulfill God’s mission. We have been and will continue to repurpose space throughout our campus to serve children, students, and families of the present and emerging generations. He is giving us a new heart and hope to live out the gospel locally, regionally, globally, and generationally!

These are exciting days to be a part of what God is doing at New Hope Baptist Church.

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Each Wednesday at 6 PM, we will prayer walk around our campus, during Prayer Hub. Also, beginning Tuesday, February 6, you will receive a daily email from a member of our church’s Prayer Team. Each email will have a specific prayer prompt and scripture designed to tune our hearts to God.

Register for a Vision Gathering Session

Join us February 18th and 21st! At these gatherings, we will enjoy a meal as a church family as Pastor Bob shares the vision and goals of the Hope for Generations Campaign. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and offer input. No commitments will be asked for at these vision gatherings.This will be an exciting time to see and celebrate what God is doing at NHBC!

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