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Why should you give?  

Giving of your financial resources is one of the most important ways you can put God first in your life.  Jesus talked about personal finances in Matthew 6:24 and the importance of not letting our money stand in the way of what God has planned in our lives.

Why should you give to the church? 

We believe that in addition to the weekly percentage giving mentioned in the bible (the tithe), there is no greater investment than giving to God's church.  In Mark 10:29-30, Jesus tells us that the return will come in this life as well as in the life still to come. 

Why should you give to New Hope Baptist? 

New Hope provides a stable bible teaching environment in the heart of Pell City, Alabama.  We are committed to bringing God's Word to the masses in a number of ways. 


We offer multiple weekly worship services where the Bible is taught with conviction and Jesus' name is praised through song and testimony. 

We have small group bible studies both on Wednesday and Sunday nights. 


The Children's Ministry AWANA program.  This is an important Wednesday night outreach to kids 2-12 years of age!  Kids learn bible stories and memorize scripture, they play games, eat and fellowship!  There are awards given out also as the children reach certain benchmarks of the program.   

We have additional outreaches to the community to share God's love: 

- Our Food Bank ministry currently feeds 60+ families monthly,

- Our M.A.P.S.  program (Musical Arts Program for Students), has two sessions yearly and the focus is on teaching students within the city - music, art and sign language skills and at the same time, sharing the Gospel of Christ as the students learn. 

- Our VBS program (Vacation Bible School), is a very successful effort that meets the spiritual needs of both children and adults!  We have seen many souls saved through this ministry! 

These are just some of what giving to New Hope financially can mean to others.  The impact of your giving will be felt here on this earth and throughout eternity!   

Thank you for considering a gift to New Hope.  We hope that we can count on your generosity throughout the year, as we continue to do God's work in our community!   

The short form below is safe and easy to fill out.  When you create an account, we can keep track of your giving and you will be able to receive your contribution information for taxes etc, when needed.   

New Hope Baptist Giving Form

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