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“The LORD guided them with the cloud by day and with the light from the fire at night.” Psalm 78:14



There’s a lot of movement in the Bible! Time and again, motion seems to be the predictable experience of the people of God.


- God followers like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob moved from the place to place, experiencing God personally, learning His heart and  walking in His ways.


- God directed Moses to lead His people through 40 years of wilderness travel, teaching and readying His people to move into the  Promised Land. They depended on the pillars of cloud and fire to direct their steps.


- God moved His people in and out of that land to bring them to the place where their hearts would be fully devoted to Him.


- God’s people would go on a road trip to the capital city at least three times a year to meet and experience God. Each festival was a must for His people as they experienced a fresh encounter with Him.


- Jesus waked nearly 4,100 miles during His earthly ministry, going from place to place to reveal the power and love of God for the world.  His disciples followed Him for many of those miles. They witnessed and were changed by what they saw and heard!


- Jesus Himself warned and urged His churches to move from their complacency. They had lost the joy, power, and urgency of the gospel work that He had commissioned them to fulfill. They could not stay as they were and go with God.



There’s been a lot of movement at New Hope! A year ago, New Hope decided to enter a transitional period with the goal of experiencing a fresh touch from God. The process was intentional, designed to renew the hearts, the focus, and the mission of God’s people. Here’s a snapshot of what has happened…


- Dr. Bob Weber became the Transitional Pastor of New Hope.


- We celebrated our past and began praying earnestly for God to reveal His heart and ways to us.


- A Transitional Team was tasked with seeking the Lord and learning the biblical characteristics and practices of healthy churches. The TT was also commissioned to discern a calculated path forward that would align New Hope to the heart and the agenda of God.

- New Hope received the Transition Team Report on October 25, 2023, embracing five specific recommendations given, moving the church to join God where He is at work in us and around us.

- Implementation of strategic initiatives will guide New Hope toward a future of loving and serving God and others for years to come.

- God has renewed New Hope’s heart with a fresh touch. He has guided us with a strategic path toward fulfilling the mission that pleases Him. The journey has led us to experience Him and to align ourselves to His will.

We cannot stay the same and go with God. Want to join us on the journey to experiencing God and being about His business? Here’s the link to the full Transition Team Report received and accepted by the New Hope Church Family.

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